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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A ​​series of cultural and linguistic exchange events where we focus on the often-overlooked cultural meanings behind words.


Language and culture are deeply intertwined. At Kudwa, we believe that real social integration and inclusion come from understanding more than just language. So we've designed this series of events to focus on thematic topics exploring different parts of culture like music, art, films, and more!

The first event was themed around MUSIC


Around 7 p.m., first guests arrive at Inusual Project, a cultural venue located in Raval, Barcelona. Upon entrance, attendees fill out a quick survey about what languages they speak and which ones they seek to learn. The event is open to anyone who is interested in exploring a mix of different cultures and languages and who has an interest in getting to know more about the Arab-speaking community in Barcelona. Most guests are Arabic speakers, but there are a few native Spanish and Catalan. Each person ties a ribbon on their wrist according to the languages they speak: purple (Arabic), red (Spanish), yellow (Catalan).

Introduction on Kudwa

After attendees greet each other and catch up, Razan gives a brief presentation on what Kudwa is, focusing on Tabadol events. Tabadol means exchange in Arabic. These activities are aimed to be a series of cultural and linguistic exchanges where we approach the often-overlooked cultural meanings behind words. The idea is to explore thematic topics, diving into different aspects of culture throughout the initiative, such as music, art, and films. The first Tabadol event addresses music.

Where is this song from?

Once Razan has described how these intercultural adventures will be like, guests play a game. After an explanation to map where the Arab world is, we listen to songs that belong to different Arab countries, trying to guess from where each song is. The game is challenging and complicated, but it becomes a great opportunity to illustrate how diverse Arabs, and by extension Kudwa, are.

Translating songs

Later, participants are divided into two groups: one with those who want to learn Arabic, and another with those who seek to learn Spanish or Catalan. Attendees need to find a partner from the group they do not belong to in order to translate or explain the meaning of each song that is played. Most songs are in Arabic, but a few are in Spanish. The activity allows people to mingle and to make new friends.

Once the activity is over, people are asked to fill out a survey to evaluate whether they have liked the event, and what could be improved. They are also asked about future Tabadol events, to find out what topics they are interested in, including dance, dialects, and food. After that, people keep talking while different songs are played. The environment is relaxed, and guests stay for a while, until 9 p.m., as they get to know each other and have a drink.

The event gathered 22 people who were actively present and excited to get to know each other.

Many of them spoke multiple languages but were there with the main objective to meet new people and learn about the culture.

Over 60% agreed to meet outside of the event.

100% said they would attend future TABADOL events.


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