“We started Kudwa to break down cultural barriers and give people the tools to see the other as one of their own "



In a world where 244 Million people live in a country different from their country of origin, the level of diversity exudes the need for social cohesion, inclusion, and community. 

We learned that social cohesion, inclusion, and community cannot be achieved without the participation and involvement of every member of the community: Locals, migrants and refugees, authorities, and non-government entities.

We wanted to bring all these elements together through our areas of impact and solutions below.




Community Capacity Building

Building a strong Arabic-speaking community in Barcelona by the Arabic-Speaking migrants and refugees based on:

-  Promoting and strengthening the values of human, woman and LGBTQIA+ rights

-   Legal and moral support structures

- Expanding Participation and Leadership Base, and strengthening Individual Skills

- Facilitating Mentorship within the community.


Intra - Intercultural

Activating the Arabic-speaking community in Barcelona and Spain to connect with the local community as ambassadors of their cultural diversity.

We work to change the narrative about migrants and migration, address obstacles to effective integration and inclusion, and build bridges between different, otherwise, separate groups of people based on people-to-people approach. 

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Awareness and Advocacy Work

Informing and calling attention to issues that directly impact migrants and refugees and raising awareness of their perspective and lived experience.

Through partnerships with different organizations, Consultation with EU Commission, Participation in policy debates, and salons on a local and European Level.




RoleModel Factory

Migrant Participation and Cultivation of Sense of Belonging

The Factory is "OUR OWN CONCOCTION OF TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCES based on Intercultural Competence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Collaboration.


 We believe that:


Therefore, our methodology is fun and interactive. It is based on debate, self-learning, and questioning one's beliefs


We activate migrants and provide them with the tools to take up their space and fully participate in their new communities, through cultivating a community that works as a support system, increasing self-esteem and knowledge of their rights and obligations, and learning how to navigate their new realities. 

Through the Factory, we facilitate the creation of shared values through education on Gender Equality, Human Rights, LGBTQIA Rights etc. We also enforce positive connections on the basis of humanity and acceptance of cultural diversity as an enriching element of the community. 

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FUTURE for US Workshops

Series of sessions designed to create a functioning and involved individuals who will affect positive change in their lives; who will create an inclusive environment for themselves and others, based on values of equality, interculturality and inclusion.


Expert Exchange

Highlighting and boosting migrant and refugee talent across different fields and occupations and creating space for them to share their expertise with the rest of the community. Thus, introducing new paths, skills and opportunities from within the community.

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Allowing migrants to share their new-found knowledge with more newcomers to continue the cycle of knowledge, inclusion and integration.

Intercultural Adventures

Building A community with a Strong Collective Identity

Allowing the migrants and refugees to take control over the narrative and deconstruct the stereotypes that were imposed on them. our experiences are designed to facilitate learning about different cultures through the eyes, emotions and experiences of their citizens and the human connection we can share as people who are different but also very similar.

We work towards creating a purposeful and intentional community that receives newcomers with tolerance and acceptance to encourage integration and inclusion.

A community that embraces all of its diverse components.

A common sense of belonging is not only needed by newcomers, it is needed by host community to belong to their new diverse realities.

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Diversity Experience

Social activities that present and connect the history, music, rituals, traditions, and dances of different Arabic cultures and countries, with the host community and its culture and rituals.


Interactive training sessions with diverse Arabic Speakers to combat stereotypes and prejudices and promote connection at the human level between the migrants and the host community


Intercultural Immersion

Artistic experiences that transform the time and space to match the artists' own world. multi experience multi format artistic experiences


Shifting Perspectives

Facilitation of the integration and inclusion process by offering knowledge to all stakeholders.

Breaking stereotypes, influencing integration policies and promoting real representation in the decision making processes

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Knowledge Dissemination

Providing vital information and guides in Arabic Language to breakdown language barriers and offer the best support, especially for newcomers.


Advocacy Work

Towards the social and labour market integration and better representation and combatting systemic deskilling of Arabic Speaking Migrants and refugees in Spain and Europe


Changing the Narrative

Through awareness raising, media campaigining, artistic expression, and intercultural encounters between all the stakeholders of the inclusion process.