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At Asociación Kudwa, we believe in the power of community, dialogue, and advocacy to create a more inclusive society. We see migrants and refugees not as passive beneficiaries but as active, valuable contributors to their new communities.

We are driven by the conviction that every individual deserves to be heard, understood, and respected. We see the strength in diversity and the potential for growth when different cultures come together. We believe in the transformative power of shared experiences and mutual support.

Our work is fueled by the desire to change narratives, foster understanding, and promote social cohesion. We strive to create spaces where migrants, refugees, and locals can learn from each other, support one another, and work together to build a vibrant, inclusive community.



Areas of Impact

Community Building

Through our initiatives, led and implemented by migrants and refugees from our community, we aim to create a space where migrants and refugees can learn and grow and feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Our community-building initiatives include:

  • Training Programs: Our training programs, such as the 'Paso' program, are designed to help migrants and refugees navigate their new environment. 

  • Info-Sessions: We regularly hold information sessions with experts in migration law to provide clarity on residency situations and other legal matters.

  • Expertise Exchange: We believe that everyone has something valuable to share. That's why we host sessions where migrants and refugees can share their expertise, showcase their skills, and improve their presentation and training abilities.

  • Mentorship: We facilitate mentorship opportunities to provide additional support and guidance to our community members.

These initiatives and more are a part of our Cultural and Social Club Program. 


Intercultural Dialogue and Narrative Change

We are committed to fostering spaces that are not only created by migrants and refugees but are also open and welcoming to everyone. These spaces are fun, open and free from judgement or bias. 

Our initiatives in this area include, among others: 

  • Tabadol: A series of cultural and linguistic exchange events. We believe that true social integration comes from understanding more than just language, so we explore thematic topics like music, art, films, and more.

  • Intercultural Karaoke Solidario: An inclusive event where everyone is welcome to sing in their own language, promoting cultural exchange and understanding.

  • Cultural and Artistic Events: We regularly host various cultural events that foster connection between migrants and locals, helping to change stereotypes and promote a more inclusive narrative. Showcasing artists and visionaries from our community and supporting their talents. 

Through these initiatives, we aim to create a dialogue that celebrates diversity, fosters understanding, and promotes the active role of migrants and refugees in their new communities.

Awareness and Advocacy Work

Advocating for channels of informed and effective participation of migrants in their new society and training and creating new advocates and leaders in society. 

Our advocacy initiatives include:

  • Council and Networks Participation: We are active members of several councils and working groups at the local, national, and European levels, including the Municipal Council for Migration in Barcelona. We participate yearly in the festival BCN Ciutat Diversa, European Migration Forum. We are also part of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network in Spain and Sirius Network for Migrant Education, among many others. 

  • European Projects: We participate in several European projects, such as MILE, Must-a-lab, and SPRING, among others, to promote the rights and participation of migrants.

  • Collaborations: We collaborate with institutions like UNHCR Spain, UAB, LaFede, IEMed, and more to create forums that promote the participation and activism of migrant youth.

  • Policy Reports: We produce policy reports that connect law with real case studies on the ground, bringing these stories to various forums.

  • Advocate TEAM Training: We are training a team of advocates and opening spaces for them to represent the issues they care about at the national and European levels.

Through these initiatives, we aim to ensure that the needs and voices of migrants and refugees are taken seriously and that they are included as active and valuable members of society.

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