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Gender Equality and LGBTI Rights 

As an organization created by the migrant community for the migrant community, Kudwa celebrates the diversity within this population. While  we do not claim to represent all migrants. We are steadfast in our commitment to the values we embody, which include intersectional feminism, inclusivity, and non- discrimination. From the very beginning, we have prioritized support for the most vulnerable members of the migrant community.

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While we cannot represent every individual in the migrant community, we have always ensured that our messages and spaces are accessible to all.

Our goal is to build bridges and foster inclusivity by emphasizing open communication and constructive dialogues rather than resorting to shaming or calling out. 

In 2023, we at Kudwa have decided to emphasize supporting the LGBT community, as LGBT migrants often encounter unique challenges and vulnerabilities that demand attention. The reasons for this focus include the following:

  1. Discrimination and persecution: LGBT individuals may migrate to escape discrimination, persecution, or even violence in their home countries. Their migration journey can be more perilous and complex if they are targeted due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  2. Legal protection and access to services: Unlike other migrants seeking protection and guidance from their community upon arrival in their host country, LGBT migrants from MENA may face the same rejection and discrimination they experienced in their home countries. Language barriers can leave them without knowledge of the laws and policies around LGBT rights or access to essential services such as healthcare, housing, and education.

  3. Mental health: The stress and trauma associated with migration can be exacerbated for LGBT individuals who may face additional challenges related to their identity. This can lead to mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

  4. Social inclusion and integration: Addressing LGBT issues in migration can help foster a more inclusive and accepting environment in host countries.

To address these issues, Kudwa plans to:

  1. Ensure a participatory approach and leadership within Kudwa from the community: To further our commitment to the LGBT migrant community, we have established the position of LGBT Focal Point.

    This role is filled by Georges Azzi, a leading activist on LGBT rights, founder of several LGBT organizations, and currently an asylum seeker himself.
    By including someone with firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by LGBT migrants, Kudwa aims to strengthen our support and advocacy for this vulnerable population.


  2. Ensure that LGBT migrants have access to the legal protections they need and deserve.

  3. Provide knowledge of and access to existing psychosocial services for  LGBT migrants.

  4. Promote inclusion and diversity within the migrant community, fostering understanding between different cultural and social groups, benefiting migrants and host communities.

  5. Uphold human rights and social justice principles by ensuring that LGBT migrants' rights are respected and protected, thereby promoting a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

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