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FutureEU Talent Training

Areas of Impact

Currently, our FutureEU Talent Training program focuses on enhancing the skills and visibility of our community members through activities like Expertise Exchange, Advocacy Training, and participation in Local, National, and European Forums. These initiatives aim to build capacities, bridging cultural and professional gaps, and increasing employability for migrants. We plan to extend our training programs to include employers and municipalities, helping them recognize and leverage migrant talent effectively. The skills developed are also offered to other organizations for workshops and trainings, demonstrating our proactive approach in preparing both migrants and future employer participants.

Expertise Exchange

The Expertise Exchange platform at Kudwa not only fosters a vibrant community of learning and growth but also significantly enhances the professional development of our community members. Participants have the opportunity to showcase their skills, share knowledge, and learn from diverse experiences, which are instrumental in expanding their resumes. We specifically focus on enhancing their abilities in training, workshop creation, and public speaking. Furthermore, we provide direct opportunities to apply these skills through training engagements with organizations. For instance, our members have conducted interculturality and anti-racism training for organizations like Apip Acam and others. A significant example of our impact is the Kudwa Academy project, funded by UNHCR, which showcases the practical application and success of our training initiatives.


Kudwa as an association is not only a place where Aabic speaking people meet, but they also make it very clear that respect and inclusiveness of all social groups is the heart and soul of the organisation!

It was difficult for me to start giving workshops. Kudwa, made this possible as they helped with all the elements needed to make this happen (securing a place, marketing, training support etc ), and all I had to do was share my expertise. And it was a great success!


Important to mention as well that I was supported and ensured that my contributions are valued and appreciated! 


Forever grateful for all those beautiful souls whose purpose and mission is to help and enrich people's lives.

Dr. Tasneem Sorous

Advocacy Training

We empower our community members through Advocacy Training, equipping them with the tools to effectively champion migrant and refugee rights and become inspiring role models.

We have delivered Storytelling for Advocacy Workshops and co-organized forums to promote activism and advocacy of migrant youth, such as Multakana.

Local, National and European Forums Participation

Our participation in various local, national, and European forums is a cornerstone of our strategy to enhance the capabilities and visibility of our community. Through these engagements, we aim to build a deeper understanding of the contexts affecting migrants and to advocate effectively for their needs. This exposure not only strengthens our community’s capacities but also elevates their presence in diverse forums, ensuring their voices and perspectives are acknowledged and respected across different societal, decision and policy-making levels.