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Advocates raising the voices (VOZ) of migrants and refugees in Catalonia 

STEP UP II Capacity NGO-Fund 2021-2022

About the project 

Due to lack of participation, and the reemerging harmful narratives about migration in Spain, Kudwa needs to step up to advocate for its community of migrants and refugees in Catalonia.
This will require Kudwa to strengthen its capacity and skills in advocacy strategy that is both tried and adapted to the Spanish political and public landscape.   

Kudwa needs the following: 

  • Build a basis for an advocacy strategy that is sustainable and impactful.  

  • Gain an understanding and connections of the political and public landscape.

  • Create a pool of advocates to carry out the advocacy activities for themselves, their community and the organization, through training and empowerment. 

AD-VOZ-CAT goals

In this capacity building project, we intend to develop  advocacy strategies, learn from previous experiences of similar organizations that had similar barriers, and adapt it both to our needs and to the Spanish context. While reinforcing refugee-led advocacy capacity of the community. 

Therefore, Kudwa with the support of Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands (SYVNL) will work on strengthening its own organisational capacity to advocate for refugee participation in Spain.    

SYVNL is a refugee-led organization based in the Netherlands. SYVNL has been involved in research on the topic of refugee participation. The organization has also developed trainings for refugee advocates on doing refugee-led advocacy.
Based on the organisation's wide experience in the Dutch context and the international context, it will facilitate and advise Kudwa to better strengthen its position in the Spanish context. SYVNL will do so by transferring its practical knowledge and applied methodology to the Kudwa’s team. Kudwa will be in charge to lead the process of development and SYVNL will help with advising and providing trainings and workshops when needed

In order to do so, we will carry out 3 activities in 3 steps:

1. Mapping: 


We will need to start with a solid understanding of the local context, political practices, opportunities and challenges. To do so, Kudwa will map policy making processes, local landscape, influential NGOs and organizations, as well as, key policymakers and other key persons in municipalities, local parties, autonomous communities and national governments. 

2. Capacity Development:

Based on our findings in the mapping stage, Kudwa will work on producing a policy report with recommendations directed to specific stakeholders. SYVNL will provide feedback and reviews to ensure  that the report is realistic with concrete actions.. 

SYVNL will also hold a refugee-led advocacy workshop about refugee-led advocacy based on their research in the Netherlands (source), in order to promote and enhance the capacity of the Kudwa’s community of migrants and refugees.  


3. Follow-up and Sustainability:


In order to guarantee sustainability of the learnings, SYVNL will organize a strategy session with Kudwa’s core team where both organizations will work on advocacy guidelines that are adaptable to Kudwa’s needs and can be used in the future as a reference for new members. 


Kudwa will organize a meeting with policymakers and NGOs to share the outcomes of the mapping and further discuss the recommendations, build connections and provide exposure and visibility for Kudwa. 


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