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Active Participation Training Program for young refugees 

in Collaboration with UNHCR Spain 

About the project 

Kudwa and UNHCR invite you to an exciting training program designed especially for refugees, asylum seekers, stateless individuals, and other members of the community! In this unique program, you'll discover an enriching space where you'll learn practical skills in participation and leadership. Created and presented by members of our migrant community, the program promises to be interactive, fun, and transformative.

This program is designed to empower you and enhance your capabilities to be an active and valuable member of your community. Through interactive sessions, you'll explore essential topics such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and idea generation for positive change. We'll provide you with the tools to be an influential voice in the issues that matter to you. Moreover, you'll enjoy a supportive and camaraderie-filled environment, as all sessions are facilitated by migrants and refugees.

  • Experts and speakers who are migrants and refugees 

  • Skills: Self-awareness, Self-confidence, Motivation, Coping with Uncertainty and Ambiguity, Active Listening, and Communication Skills

This opportunity is for passionate and committed young individuals who are ready to learn and grow. If you wish to amplify your ability to influence your community, this is your chance! Complete our simple application form and tell us why you'd like to join the program. Your prior experience doesn't matter – everyone is welcome!

​Kudwa Academy Program:

Our workshop series is designed to empower young migrants and refugees through active participation. We believe that participation is not just a right but a powerful tool for creating positive change. These workshops provide the knowledge and skills needed to understand, advocate for, and effect change in your community.

The Culture of Participation:
Participation comes in many forms, including advocating for your rights, adapting to a new culture, and sharing your stories effectively. These skills are essential for migrants and refugees who are building new lives and communities. They foster a sense of belonging and a means of contributing to society.

The Sessions:


1. Non-Violent Communication: Getting Your Point Across in Challenging Conversations (November 14, 2023): 

  • Learn a new language of communication for discussing the causes that matter to you.

  • Understand the power of observation, feelings, needs, and requests.

  • If you are struggling to communicate your point in conflicts or debates, this session explores how to advocate effectively through non-violent communication.

  • Register 👉here


2. Forced Displacement: From Shock to Opportunity (November 21, 2023):

  • Explore the tangible and intangible losses experienced due to forced displacement.

  • Learn how to cope with culture shock and turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Discover the role of art as a tool for social transformation and the power of sharing experiences.

  • Register 👉Here

3. Storytelling for Social Change (November 30, 2023):

  • Understand how to tailor your story to your audience effectively.

  • Learn how to express yourself in a way that gets your point across.

  • Create impactful stories for social change.

  • Explore the importance of storytelling in everyday life, work, and relationships and its impact on the community.

  • Register 👉here 



Why These Workshops Matter:
As young migrants and refugees, building a new life in a foreign land can be challenging. These workshops provide you with essential skills to adapt, communicate, and share your stories effectively. They foster a sense of belonging and equip you with the tools to participate fully in your new communities.

Join us on this journey of empowerment through participation and be part of the change you want to see in your life and your community.

Jornada ANTA MI: Pertenzco
Jornada ANTA MI: Pertenzco
15 Dec 2023, 17:30
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