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Active Participation Training Program for young refugees 

With Collaboration with UNHCR Spain 

​Kudwa Academy Project 3 activities:

1. Launch and Recruitment Event - Oct 7, 2023 - 17:00 - 22:00: 

We will host a recruitment event where we will feature speakers from the migrant and refugee community to discuss the challenges facing the community. This event will allow interested youth to become familiar with the objectives of the Kudwa Academy and how they can benefit from it. It will also give them a real-life perspective on the struggles and experiences of their community members, which will enrich their understanding and motivate them to actively participate.

2. Series of Workshops:

We will initiate a series of six bi-monthly workshops over a three-month period. Each workshop will feature a guest speaker with expertise in different areas of advocacy and immigration policy. The workshops will focus on imparting knowledge and practical skills that will enable young people to effectively address the challenges they face in their daily lives and in society at large. Guest speakers will provide participants with the guidance and support needed to apply this knowledge in the real world.

3. Closing Event - December 2023:

At this event, we will invite various stakeholders and present the program participants and their lessons learned. This will be an opportunity for the youth to showcase what they have learned and how they plan to use these skills and knowledge in their future initiatives. This event will also allow for valuable connections with key actors and organizations in the field of migration and refugees.


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