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Celebrating Belonging and Participation: Recap of the ANTA MI Event

In the realm of displacement, we often find ourselves disconnected from our roots. Yet, amidst the challenges, there lies a shared sense of belonging that binds us together. "ANTA MI," translated as "I Belong," encapsulates this sentiment, reminding us of our collective identity and ownership of our spaces. At Kudwa, our mission is to cultivate spaces where everyone is a co-creator and owner. We celebrate diversity, recognizing the unique skills and potential of each community member. Our projects, such as Kudwa Academy and MILE, embody this ethos, offering opportunities for active participation and collaboration

The recent closing event of the Kudwa Academy and MILE projects was a testament to our commitment to fostering belonging and participation. It served as a platform to showcase the inspiring stories of individuals within our community and highlight the transformative power of engagement.

Throughout the event, we emphasized the importance of inclusive participation in shaping our collective narrative. From thought-provoking discussions to captivating performances, every aspect of the program aimed to amplify voices and celebrate diversity.

The program for the event was designed to facilitate meaningful discussions and interactions. It commenced with a presentation of the projects by Fernanda from UNHCR, providing insights into the initiatives aimed at promoting participation among displaced communities. Kudwa Talks featured Ahmad Al Halabli, who shared his journey of participation, inspiring others with his story, and Laura Jabbour who shared her artistic participation story.

The round table discussions delved into various aspects of participation, with esteemed panelists including Dr. Carmen Geha, Mostafa Shokry, Ribale Chebib, and Soumeya Lerari, Ahmad DIab and Aseel Massoud, who offered valuable insights and perspectives.

By offering the event in multiple languages and creating an open and welcoming environment, we ensured that everyone felt valued and included. It was a moment to transcend barriers and recognize the inherent worth and potential of each individual.

As we reflect on the significance of this event, we are reminded of the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging and agency. It is through meaningful participation that we can truly thrive as a community.

To learn more about our projects and initiatives, visit the following links:

Together, let us continue to celebrate diversity, foster inclusion, and build a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging.


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