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Kudwa Academy Launch Event - BAYTNA

Date: October 7, 2023

Location: NAU BOSTIK - SALA ROMAN POLANKIK, Barcelona, Spain

Audience: 34 people, including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and other members of the migrant community


On October 7, 2023, Kudwa, a non-profit organization that supports migrants and refugees, held a launch event for its Kudwa Academy program in collaboration and funding of UNHCR Spain. The event was designed to introduce the program to potential participants and to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing migrants and refugees in Barcelona.

The event began with a welcome and introduction from Razan, the founder and director of Kudwa, who gave a presentation on the Kudwa Academy program. The presentation covered the program's goals, objectives, and activities.

After the presentation, there was a Q&A session where participants could ask questions about the program. The Q&A session was followed by a series of interactive table discussions on climate change, gender equality, and participation of refugees. The disucussions were led by migrant and refugee experts in each field.

Discussion Table on Climate Change - Angham Daiyoub - Saleh Seddik

The discussion table on climate change focused on the following challenges:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is complicated by economic interests linked to fossil fuels.

  • Adapting to climate impacts, especially for vulnerable communities, demands substantial resources and planning.

  • Resource scarcity triggered by climate change can lead to conflicts, further driving migration, and destabilizing regions.

  • Establishing legal protections for climate refugees is intricate.

Participants in the discussion table proposed a number of solutions to these challenges, including:

  • Recycling

  • Being careful about how we travel, the type of fuel we use, and the cars we drive

  • Making changes to our own home and community to make them more resilient to climate change impacts

  • Reducing our consumption of resources, such as water, food, and energy

  • Supporting organizations that are working to establish legal protections for climate refugees

  • Advocating for policies that provide support and resettlement opportunities for climate refugees

Discussion Table on Gender Equality - Razan Ismail - Georges Azzi

The discussion table on gender equality focused on the following challenges:

  • Stereotypes: People often hold preconceived ideas about what men and women can or should do, which can limit opportunities and reinforce gender inequalities.

  • Unequal Opportunities: Gender-based disparities persist in education, employment, and leadership roles, preventing many from reaching their full potential.

  • Limited Awareness: Not everyone understands the importance of addressing intersectionality, which means some individuals face multiple forms of discrimination. Raising awareness is crucial for creating more inclusive societies.

Participants in the discussion table proposed a number of solutions to these challenges, including:

  • Connecting with local gender and LGBTI organizations

  • Engaging when possible in family and close friends

  • Being ourselves as women

  • Creating event and open dialogue spaces and channels that gather people with different opinions

  • Collaborating with NGOs that work with migrants to provide information

  • Educating people newer generations

  • Not stopping talking about it

  • Drawing the line between culture and human rights

  • Always reflecting on traditions and whether they suit our current needs

  • Men should recognize the important role of women and their financial independence

Discussion Table on Participation - Leeloz Ahmad - Ahmad Alhalabli

The discussion table on participation focused on the following challenges:

  • Language Barriers: Many migrants and refugees face difficulties in expressing themselves and understanding local languages, hindering their active engagement.

  • Legal Restrictions: Complex immigration laws and regulations can limit their ability to participate in social and political activities.

  • Limited Resources: Migrants and refugees often have limited access to educational and financial resources, which can impede their capacity for active involvement in advocacy and activism.

Participants in the discussion table proposed a number of solutions to these challenges, including:

  • Organizing collective events to prepare petitions to sign

  • Supporting newcomers with accumulative knowledge in matters of documentation

  • Networking

  • Municipal voting

  • Advocacy skills and dissemination

  • Raising awareness about the interconnectivity of different fights and creating a collaborative approach

  • Mentorship program to teach refugees skills

The event concluded with a cocktail reception, where participants had the opportunity to network with each other and with the Kudwa team.


The event was a hit! Participants loved the organization, the content, and the speakers. They appreciated the chance to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing migrants and refugees in Barcelona, and to meet other people from the community. They also said they were inspired to take action on some of the issues that were discussed.


The Kudwa Academy Launch Event was a resounding success, with over 30 participants representing a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives. The event provided a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing migrants and refugees in Barcelona, and Spain, and to engage in meaningful dialogue about how to build a more inclusive and just society for all.

We are grateful to all of the participants, speakers, and volunteers who made the event possible. We are also grateful to our sponsors for their generous support.

As a non-profit organization, we are committed to empowering migrants and refugees to reach their full potential. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a dignified and fulfilling life, regardless of their background or circumstances.

We look forward to continuing to work with the community to build a more inclusive and just Barcelona, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


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