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Areas of Impact

Our Cultural Agenda is a vibrant hub of intercultural connection and community building. We host various events designed to bring people together, foster understanding, and create a sense of belonging.

Kudwa Social Club

Our monthly events, such as Tabadol and Intercultural Karaoke, invite community members and locals to come together, have fun, and build connections. These events are designed to overcome biases and stereotypes and foster a sense of belonging to the larger community.


Baytna Events

These annual events are exclusively for our community members. It's a time to connect with each other, welcome new arrivals, and strengthen our sense of community.


Occasional Events

We also host events to celebrate special occasions. We participate in the Trobada BCN Ciutat Diversa, celebrate International Migrant Day, and showcase the talents and visions of our artists.

Get Involved: Interested in joining our events?

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No events at the moment


A ​​series of cultural and linguistic exchange events where we focus on the often-overlooked cultural meanings behind words.


Community Building Event. 

Baytna means Our Home: an event to support a community built for Arabs by Arabs


In Collaboration with MediterraneaBCN

Discovering the joy of music and celebrate the rich diversity of our cultures.