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MiGROW Project

"Above a quarter of migrants are highly educated. They offer resources, ambition and motivation but they often are not able to put their skills to use. Almost 40% are overqualified for the job they do. We cannot afford to waste this potential."

- EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion

About the project 

The overall goal of MiGROW is to promote inclusion and diversity in the European society.
The planned training program includes workshops and activities to strengthen different components and competencies of general self-efficacy, focusing on the path towards more active participation and common values.

Social skills—such as persuasion, emotional intelligence and teaching others—will be in higher demand across industries than narrow technical skills, such as programming or equipment operation and control. (World Economic Forum)

Kudwa’s participation in Project Migrow focuses on equipping migrants and refugees with future-proof skills. We designed it to take the shape of a

the skills young migrants will need in the future world of work in Europe 

Emotional Intelligence 
Intercultural Intelligence
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


This course is designed for people with Migrant background and aims to give them the tools to better integrate and face the unknown future with more resilience and confidence.  The scholarship is given based on criteria such as potential, notable motivation, and clear aspiration for the future.

It is a rare opportunity for you to get full access to specific skills that are needed to future-proof yourself. 
These skills are proven to support you in your integration and employability, creating and finding meaningful relationships and employment, and your advancement in social and work environments. 


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