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Kudwa Code of Conduct

At Asociación Kudwa, we are committed to creating an open, inclusive, and respectful environment. Our Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for behavior and our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Open Communication:

We value feedback and encourage open and transparent communication. We provide various channels for feedback, including direct contact, evaluation forms, and regular collection of feedback on community events and activities.

Inclusion and Respect:

We value diversity and do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. We ensure that everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, language, or origin, has an equal opportunity to participate in our activities and decision-making processes.

Empowerment and Initiative:

We encourage initiative-taking and provide spaces for pitching new ideas and projects. We promote ownership and give credit to all employees who participate in the ideation, creation, and execution of activities.


We are committed to sharing all relevant information with our employees and the public. This includes information on safeguarding and reporting, financial information, and updates on the status of all projects.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, exploitation, intimidation, and abuse. We provide clear and accessible reporting mechanisms for any violations of this policy.


We ensure that everyone's role is outlined and co-created with the employee, and so is their accountability. 


We have confidential lines where reporting can be done on the website. We provide resources to support and care for those who have experienced sexual harassment, abuse, and/or violence. We also take necessary measures to ensure that the spaces we create are safe and adhere to our values. FOR MORE INFO, REFER TO OUR SAFEGUARDING POLICY

By adhering to this Code of Conduct, we aim to create a safe, respectful, and empowering environment for all members of our community.

For any issues or questions, please feel free to email us at 

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