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We are a community of passionate individuals united by a common goal: to create a more inclusive, equitable, and vibrant society for everyone, including migrants, refugees, youth, LGBTI community.

Founded by young migrants and refugees, our organization is rooted in the experiences and challenges of those we serve. We are driven by the belief that every individual, regardless of their background, has the right to cultural expression, professional fulfillment, and active participation in the civic and political life of their communities.


Working towards an intercultural Collective Identity through promoting active citizenship, initiative, and community, and addressing barriers to effective integration and inclusion so that all migrants and refugees have opportunities to thrive. 


  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Inclusivity and Non-Discrimination
  • Participation and Community Engagement.
  • Transparency and Accountability


Kudwa means Role-model

We envision a future EU where migrants and refugees are not just participants but leaders in shaping a democratic, inclusive, and culturally rich society. Our work is dedicated to making this vision a reality, one community at a time

Meaningful Youth Engagement:


We are committed to amplifying the voices of young people, and empowering them to be pivotal contributors in cultural, social, and political spheres. We aim to ensure that youth are recognized as active and vital members of the community, capable of driving positive change.

Guiding Principles

Intersectional Equality:

At the heart of our mission is the pursuit of gender equality and the protection of rights for LGBTI migrants. We strive for a world where every individual, regardless of gender identity or background, is included and represented across all our activities.

Innovative Narratives for the Future:

We believe in the power of innovation and adaptation, drawing from the diverse experiences within our community to address the evolving challenges of migration and integration. Our approach is to continuously seek out and implement new narratives and solutions, ensuring our strategies remain effective and relevant.


Ahmad Halabli.jpeg

Ahmad Halabli

Kudwa Advocacy Team on Rights of Refugees

Leeloz Lazgin.jpeg

Leeloz Lazgin

Peace building and Social Justice activist. Kudwa Advocacy Team

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-12 at 18.10.53.jpeg

Sidra Raslan 

Masters student in Environmental economic and social sustainability.

Admin Team


Angham Daiyoun

Researcher at CREAF & ICTA (UAB)
Kudwa Advocacy Team


Saleh Seddik

Project Manager 

Erasmus Plus Projects. Kudwa Social Club

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