We are migrants and refugees who faced the hardships of being in an unfamiliar culture and language. We have lived it, gone through, and overcome it.

We did it through hard work and resilience but most of all through incredible support from our community. We created Kudwa to create such a community inclusive of migrants and native people who can accept and support one another. 

My name is

Mahmoud Assy

and here is my story!



Born in Cairo, Egypt

Tunis, Tunisia:

Worked as an English and cultural tutor with people from China, Jordan, Iran, Italy, and Ukraine

Timisoara, Romania:

Volunteered as an English teacher in an orphanage with 30 people from different countries like India, Hungary, Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Sri-Lanka, Italy, and Romania.

Bucharest, Romania:

Studied Spanish and French Languages and Literature in the University of Bucharest and Worked as a trading consultant in an online trading company, UFX


Madrid, Spain:

 Moved to Madrid and studied at the University of Alcalá


Barcelona, Catalunya:

Moved to Barcelona to study International Relations at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and learned Catalan.

Started working as a program coordinator with Abrazo Cultural


Cofounded Asociación Kudwa

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"If you cannot find your place in the world!

Create it!"

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"The best way to grow, is to question the status quo and challenge your own beliefs!"

My name is

Razan Ismail

and here is my story!




Born in Tartous, Syria

Lattakia, Syria:

Studied Pharmacology in Teshreen University

Sheffield, United Kingdom:

Studied MSc in Management at Sheffield University. Worked in the International Students' Office and helped students get to know the university and city.


Manchester, United Kingdom:

Worked with a multicultural team in Sales and worked with clients from all over the world.


Barcelona, Catalunya

Became professor and trainer of Cross-Cultural Management and started a Digital Marketing Agency.


Barcelona, Catalunya

Founded Asociación Kudwa and as a social entrepreneur was involved with projects such as Ashoka HelloEurope




Laura Jabbour

Landscape Architect by trade, Creative Designer by passion.

"I believe in the importance of pictures in delivering ideas and messages."

Laura is the inspiration for Kudwa Artista.

She strives to inspire hope and community in people through her different art projects 

#árabegrafía, #HopeForSyria


Buchra Taha

Editor & Researcher

Mother, wife, and archaeologist. 

 "I am with Kudwa because the difficulties and obstacles of migration would have been easier to overcome when shared by other women."

Bushra is a natural community leader and a role model for what support in the migrant community can accomplish.


Asma Shaheen

Feminist and Human Rights activist, and founder of Salaam platform 
"I am the Social Media Manager for Kudwa and love sharing useful and inspiring content catered to women."

Asma is an example of a positive person who spreads positivity and good vibes through her mere presence. 

Get to know her on our social media platforms.

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