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Kudwa With Palestine: A Journey of Solidarity and Expression 🍉

Updated: May 8

In times of profound crisis, the power of community, art, and shared voices can cast a light on the darkest of situations. At Asociación Kudwa, we believe in the transformative power of creative expression to navigate through pain, articulate hope, and foster solidarity. In recent months, as the Palestinian people face genocide along with unimaginable hardships, we've mobilized our resources, creativity, and networks to stand with them, offering support through various initiatives.

Creative Writing Workshop: Words as Refuge

Understanding the cathartic power of writing, we organized a creative writing workshop aimed at helping individuals process their emotions and articulate their experiences into words. This workshop provided a safe space for participants to explore their feelings, share their stories, and find solace in the written word, proving that even in the midst of turmoil, our stories hold the power to heal and connect us.

Storytelling Workshops with Music Therapy

In collaboration with a music therapist Ilona Abdelfattah, we conducted two storytelling workshops. These were not just sessions but a journey into the depths of emotions, using music as a medium to express the inexpressible. Tailored to culminate into performances, these workshops prepared participants to share their narratives at a later event, turning their personal journeys into a collective experience of empathy and understanding.

"Cuenta Cuentos para Palestina" - A Solidarity Encounter

On January 28, 2024, from 5 PM to 8 PM at La Raposa, C/Tapioles, 47, Barcelona, we hosted "Encuentro de solidaridad con Palestina," an event that was a testament to the resilience and spirit of the Palestinian people. This evening was dedicated to sharing music, art, and poetry, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Palestine and reaffirming our commitment to a free Palestine 🇵🇸. Through this encounter, we aimed to not only raise awareness but also to nurture a sense of global solidarity.

A Night of Solidarity: Music and Poetry for Palestine

In a heartwarming collaboration with and @espaciobolivianow, and in partnership with @kudwa_rolemodel, we were thrilled to invite our community to a solidarity evening filled with music and poetry dedicated to Palestine, on the Lunar New Year, February 10, 2024. This event was born from a desire to create a space for awareness, honor the lives affected, and strengthen bonds by sharing in community. It was an evening of reflection, connection, and solidarity, where every note played and every word spoken echoed our collective support for Palestine.

The Silk Road Project: A Cultural Exploration with Kleo La Faraona

Kleo La Faraona created this initiative, raising awareness and exploring social and political aspects of cultures along the Silk Road found a special focus on Palestine in its first round. This initiative aimed to reclaim and explore the rich cultural narratives and political struggles of the regions along the Silk Road, with Palestine being a central theme. Through these encounters, we sought to deepen our understanding and amplify the voices that need to be heard the most.

In every workshop, event, and project, our goal has been clear: to stand in solidarity with Palestine, using our platforms to amplify their voices, honor their resilience, and contribute to a narrative of hope and freedom. Through the universal languages of art, music, and writing, we continue our journey of support, understanding, and solidarity, reminding ourselves and the world of the power of collective action in the face of adversity.


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