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Celebrating the Mediterranean

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The event was supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Municipality of Ripollet

When and where:

28/11/2022, Cultural Center Ripollet

The event was organized to Celebrate Mediterranean Day, which offers an annual opportunity to promote intercultural exchanges, celebrate cooperation, embrace diversity and strengthen the ties between our two shores. We celebrate our shared identity, our common heritage and our love for the Mediterranean.


19:00 - Reception and Introduction to Kudwa and Day of the Mediterranean

19:15 - Concert

Executive Summary:

The objective was to present the musical band Athrodeel which represents the Mediterranean culture.

Through their medlies and remixes of popular songs from different cultures, they have mastered the art of weaving different types of music into one work. Between their Syrian heritage and their love for flamenco, they offer the best combination to show the unity of the Mediterranean. They have proven time and time again that they can communicate with all cultures and show how incredibly compatible all music can be.

The Event:

We published on social media with Dissemination support from ALF and REFAL

Local and Migrant communities were invited to create a space for connection

Around 70 people attended and everyone was engaged and happy with the songs.

Key learning:

Music brings everyone together and helps us reach collectives we don´t usually engage with.

Here are some snippets from the concert

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