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MiGROW International Growth Camp

Date: July 30 2022 to August 7 2022 Location: Irschen, Austria

Partners: Asociación KUDWA, MIGRABILIS, Asociación Mundus, Gain & Sustain

Funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union

Day 1: Get to Know Eachother

The program would start every day at 9:30. On the first day, the participants and trainers introduced themselves and their organization. Afterward, the participants were divided into groups and shared their aims, fears, and hopes for the camp. From that, they established the rules and guidelines to follow during their stay. After lunch, the participants were divided into groups to go on a treasure hunt game in the village. The purpose of the game was to introduce the participants to each other and the village. At night, they had a traditional Corinthian dinner with the mayor of Irschen.

Envelopes with each participant were put out for other people to leave messages or objects. The envelopes were to be opened after the camp.

Day 2: Identity

On day two, the participants were asked to draw their names and they were given different colors and drawing tools, and accessories. Afterward, each participant explained their drawings and reflected on the meaning behind them and their relation to their identities. The pillars of identity were then explained.

Participants were then handed an image of a flower with different categories. Each filled their identity flower and put it in the garden where everyone gathered and reflected on it.

After lunch, participants had a discussion regarding their origin and their reactions when asked about it.

Day 3: Hiking

On day three, all the participants went on a hike to a mountain nearby where the remaining of a previous sanctuary were found. On the way, they stopped at the river and picked up ugly stones. These stones were later thrown in the river as a means of representing the letting go of the bad.

Day 4: Slow food

On day four, the participants were introduced to the concept of slow food. They got to try different types of food that are slowly and locally grown and prepared. Afterward, they went on a picnic where Erasmus programs, opportunities, and objectives for the coming year were discussed. They were then divided into groups to develop a continuation of this camp in according to Eramus’ objectives. During the afternoon, the participants visited a close by city.

Day 5: Inner strength

On day five, different means and exercises of self-care were discussed – breathing techniques, things to do when feeling overwhelmed or sad, etc. The human and its nervous systems’ reactions to fears and worries were explained. Different techniques to counter them were presented. A small yoga session was then given.

In the afternoon, a series of exercises were done to explore the importance of communication, empathy, and cooperation.

Day 6: Boat and lake trip

On day six, all participants went on a boat cruise to a lake where they spent the day swimming, talking, and playing.

Day 7: Critical thinking

On day seven, the participants were taught about the importance of setting goals and plans. As an exercise, the participants were given a paper with different categories (Family, Friends, Job, housing, Values, etc) and asked to fill in how well they believe they are doing in each of them and to assign a level of importance. Based on their choice, they were asked to develop SMART goals.

In the afternoon, the concept of IKIGAI was introduced. Each filled out different forms and questionnaires in order to find their purpose and goals in life.

Day 8: Empowerment

On day eight, the goal and purpose of MIGRABILIS were explained. Bags of mirabilis seeds were handed out. Afterward, the participants did different exercises that explored self-worth and positive traits. Each participant got a white paper attached to their back while the others wrote positive things for them.

In the afternoon, the participants gathered to share their life purpose that was reached through the IKIGAI guide. They also had a small ceremony to commemorate them.

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