“We started Kudwa to break down cultural barriers and give people the tools to see the other as one of their own "



In a world where 244 Million people live in a country different from their country of origin, the level of diversity exudes the needs for social cohesion, inclusion and community. 

We learned that social cohesion, inclusion, and community cannot be achieved without the participation and involvement of every member of the community: Locals, migrants and refugees, authorities and non-government entities.

We wanted to bring all these elements together through our services below.


Programs and courses designed by Kudwa to empower both migrants and host communities to achieve harmony

Crossing the language barrier and communicating as human beings through art. We created Kudwa Artista to support migrant and refugee artists and help them share their talent with the local community through events and marketplace. 

Kudwa Woman is a community. It is a safe space for Arabic Speaking women.

Here we communicate positively, share our expertise and opinions transparently, discuss our problems, and suggest solutions that fit our vision for our future.