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Areas of Impact

We believe in the power of advocacy to bring about change. Our role modeling advocacy work involves representing our community in various spaces at the local, national, and European levels. But we don't stop there - we also open these spaces to our community members who are passionate about advocating for specific issues.

Trobada BCN ciutat Diversa.jpg

Local Events Participation

We actively participate in local events such as Trobada BCN Ciutat Diversa and others. These events provide us with a platform to advocate for migrant and refugee rights, raise awareness about our cause, and foster connections within our local community.


Training Rolemodels

We believe in the power of role models to inspire change. That's why we offer advocacy training to equip our community members with the skills they need to become effective advocates. Our role models are then sent to various events where they can put their skills into practice, represent our community, and inspire others with their stories and experiences.


Expertise Exchange

We are committed to creating spaces where our role models can shine. We involve our community in the creation of our events and provide opportunities for them to showcase their expertise. Through our series of workshops for expertise exchange, our role models can share their skills with the community, practice their presentation abilities, and further develop their talents.

Through these actions, we aim to foster a community of empowered advocates and experts who are equipped to champion the rights and needs of migrants and refugees. Join us in our advocacy efforts and help us make a difference!

To learn more about our involvement, you can follow our Social Club on Meet UP, where we publish and announce all our events. 

If you want to be part of our Advocacy team, please fill out the volunteer form.

 Traobada BCN Ciutat Diversa

Our participation in BCN Ciutat Diversa. We used a short film produced by our community members as well as the policy reports we produced to advocate for our rights and call for non-discrimination. 

Advocacy Training

We empower our community members through Advocacy Training, equipping them with the tools to effectively champion migrant and refugee rights and become inspiring role models.

We have delivered Storytelling for Advocacy Workshops and co-organized forums to promote activism and advocacy of migrant youth, such as Multakana.

Expertise Exchange

The Expertise Exchange platform fosters a vibrant community of learning and growth, where members can showcase their skills, share their knowledge, and learn from each other's diverse experiences.