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Tabadol Women

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

On the 16th of March, Kudwa organized another Tabadol event on the occasion of the International Women's Day earlier in the month - the theme hence was ''Celebrating Migrant Women Talents''! The goal of this event was to highlight some of the skills within the women migrant community - to inspire others and celebrate them together.

As usual, the event commenced at 7 PM at the Inusual Project in Barcelona. The program was for seven women to present their talents, accompanied by pictures and videos. Then Razan interviewed the women (in Spanish, Arabic and English!) to learn more about their passions and their approaches to life in general.

First up was Marcelle, a multi-sport talent from Syria. She started skating at 38, and her first competition was at the end of 2012 when she fell in love with the sport.

You can follow Marcelle News here

After Marcelle, we heard from Nada, a Moroccan pencil artist. Nada talked about her sources of inspiration, and the audience saw some of her great work.

You can check out Nada's work here

Then we listened to Fatima, from Tarragona and born in Morocco. She currently works as a teacher of business and career guidance subjects in Barcelona. Fatima is a poet, and she cited a beautiful poem from her book.

More Fatima's poetry can be checked here
Or you can buy a copy of her book on AMAZON

Next up was Maryam, a Lebanese born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Maryam's passions are drawing and writing, and we had the pleasure to hear one of her works.

Check out more of her work here

Following Maryam, we heard from Meray - a photographer from Syria. Meray loves to capture moments, stories, faces, and emotions. She was featured in Canon Middle East as woman who empower, and her goal is to be one of the iconic photographers in the world.

Follow her work here

Then it was Veselina's turn. Veselina is a professional pastry chef from Bulgaria and works as an English instructor/teacher. She is currently working on an accessible online platform and is looking to connect with others interested.

For more on her work, check her instagram

Last but not least Razan interviewed Taim. Taim has worked in various films and TV shows, managed the Damascus History Foundation and is currently a member of Kudwa. We also saw an impressive showcase video of her cinematic and acting work.

See her video portfolio here

The audience was supportive, and the reception was very warm. The general takeaway and theme present in all of the women's stories were to always go towards your passions and callings - regardless of any fear or doubt you may face from others and yourself.

It was a pleasure for everyone involved to hear about these talented women in the migrant community and share their experiences. After all the interviews, free language exchange started as usual, and new connections were made. There were 19 attendee registrations for the event.


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