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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A ​​series of cultural and linguistic exchange events where we focus on the often-overlooked cultural meanings behind words.


The third Tabadol event's theme was HISTORY. History is integral to our understanding of the present state of language, culture, and society at large. Therefore, we wanted to highlight the influences of the different colorizations and civilizations that passed through the Arab World and Spain.


The night started at 7 PM at the Inusual Project cultural space. After the attendees greeted each other and chatted for a while, Razan presented the event's theme. The activity for the night was a fun PUB QUIZ containing twenty questions, half regarding the history of the Arab World and half of Spain. The attendees, coming from diverse backgrounds, were asked to form mixed groups of people speaking different languages. The rules were explained, and the fun began!

The first half of the questions were about the history of the Arab World. While some of the answers were easier to figure out, others sparked intense discussions within the groups, testing everyone's historical and geographical knowledge. Questions like: What is the difference between the term 'Middle East' and the 'Arab World'? How many countries are part of the Arab World? Further underlined the region's vast diversity that is more than often wrongfully overlooked.

The second half of the quiz revolving around the history of Spain proved to be just as, if not more, tricky to answer. Questions including 'Which country invaded Spain in 1808?'' and ''Which was the last Arab kingdom to be conquered?'' prompted a lot of thinking within the groups, for both non-Spanish and Spanish attendees!

At the end of the quiz, it was time to correct the answers together. Razan went through the questions, sharing the correct answers while providing information about each topic. Every group faced some surprises, discovered just how little we all know about some topics, and the attendees all learned something new about the regions' histories. Later a video was played of the development of civilizations around the globe. After that, free language exchange began and went on for the rest of the night.


You can download the questions below

Download PDF • 3.53MB

Number of registered emails: 29

Number of attendees: 22

Attendees Nationalities (estimation):

Attendees Profession:

Cultural and Social Work

Digital Marketing




Schedule report:

7-7.30pm: 20 - 22 Guests arrived.

7.30-7.45: Intro to the game

7.45-8:45pm: The game took place and everyone was engaging and discussing.

Atmosphere was positively fun and everyone confirmed they were learning new information.

Some comments from the evaluations were:

“What I liked the most is Participation in groups and Meeting new people”

Others confirmed that the event had

“Interesting and new information about the history of Spain and the Arab world”

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