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Updated: Nov 7, 2022

A ​​series of cultural and linguistic exchange events where we focus on the often-overlooked cultural meanings behind words.


Language and culture are deeply intertwined. At Kudwa, we believe that real social integration and inclusion come from understanding more than just language. So we've designed this series of events to focus on thematic topics exploring different parts of culture like music, art, films, and more!

The second event was themed around DANCE

The purpose of having the Dance in cultures Theme is because Dance is a great reflection of culture.

As babies we cannot resist moving to music, it is in our instincts, and as we grow older, dance begins to have a deeper meaning to us. Dances are passed on from generation to generation. They reflect our origins, our knowledge and our way of life. In our lives, we dance our way into our social and cultural world.

We created this event to learn about different cultural dances because we believe that integration happens when we share our values and our art, and here’s what we found out: All dances are for everyone. We were happy to witness some talented dancers from all cultures, and we saw at first hand that when people dance, borders disappear and roots appear.

The event took place in the Inusual Project in the El Raval Neighbourhood.

It began at 7:00 pm. As usual, we begin by handing out ribbons. Each ribbon color represents a language. This is to help attendees find a language they are looking for. Our most common languages were Arabic, Spanish and English.

At 7.30 pm sharp, we screened a short film created by our founder and her friend. The film showcased beautiful Arabic and Spanish dances. The film ended with a glimpse into a performance by the talented Athrodeel.

Right after the screening, we invited our attendees to begin the cultural exchange which led to a beautiful Dabkeh and lots of dancing because apparently, even as adults we can’t resist dancing!

Number of registered emails: 43

Number of attendees: Almost 50

Attendees Nationalities (estimation):

Syrian 20 - 25

Moroccan 5 - 10

Lebanese/French 1 - 3

Spanish 10 - 12

South American 2 - 5

Other - 5

Attendees Profession:

Cultural and Social Work

Digital Marketing



Music Therapy

Schedule report:

7-7.30pm: 31 Guests arrived.

7.30-7.45: Razan’s speech and Film Screening.

7.45-9pm: The event turned into a party with mostly Arabic music.

15 more guests arrived.

Both Arab and Non-Arab guests were very enthusiastic and everyone partook in the dances.


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