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Sara Al Haj

Updated: Apr 12

I am Sara Al Haj, born in Syria, Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada (2020). I came to Spain about 9 years ago. And here in Granada I did my higher studies.

But my passion has always been

gone the makeup in general and especially the artistic

I really like working in a team and I have participated in professional projects in different sectors (fashion, cinema, theater, etc.). In this sense, I have often collaborated with other professionals such as photographers, fashion designers, jewelry designers, etc., both for external work and for my own designs. On the other hand, given the pandemic situation of the last year, I have thoroughly experimented with the concept of self-makeup as a way of questioning and exploring myself, generating multiple characters in which I have lived for a few hours.

For all these reasons, I would like to be part of this Kudwa artistic group to be able to grow together and I believe that, despite the fact that our situations may be a bit complicated, we are capable of adding many colors to everyday life.

Follow Sara on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/susee_mua/

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