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Reimagine Conference: Centering Migration in EU Gender Equality Strategy (2020-2025)

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Given the gaps between gender policy and immigration in and within the European Union. We have participated in a working conference on reimagining the EU strategy for gender equality (2020-2025) organized by the New Women Connectors and Center for Migration, Gender and Justice

This conference was organized in October 2020 with the participation of a large number of European organizations working in both migration and justice.

Kudwa Founder, Razan Ismail, participated in the conference in an organizer capacity and focused on the integration of migrant women in the workplace in Europe.

Discussing our Themes:

1. Freedom from violence and stereotypes:

2. Education, Decent Work, and Social Protection

3. Health and well-being

4. Inclusivity, belonging, and community

In this conference:

  • We shared experiences and opinions about policy gaps and its disconnection from the issues of migrant women

  • We learned from proactive organizations in each of these areas

  • We have created a comprehensive report and a policy guidance note that has been sent to all the stakeholders

You can read the report here

Download • 1.95MB

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