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Ornella Buglioni

Updated: Apr 12

I am a multimedia collage artist originally from Argentina and now

resident in Berlin. Trained as an interior designer, I made the decision to

expand my horizons and follow my passion as an artist. This finally led me to

Berlin, where I found many new ways to be creative and, true to my approach

multidisciplinary, I combine each of them in my artistic practice.

I wander between the analogue and the digital, the visual or the musical, I consider that

expression of the self through art has no borders and each medium offers me different

aspects to flow with my artistic production.

As an artist, I constantly seek inspiration and expression from within. I look for and

I look inward, I invite my inner child to create with me, to lead my work. Left

let my intuition guide me. I let my dreams and my subconscious show me

new landscapes from my interior.

Art has been a tool to find myself, to connect

with my being, to heal and create new paths.

I consider art to be a powerful and sacred tool. An instrument that

She gives us, creative beings, to mold and create our realities.

Web> https://www.ornellabuglioni.com/

More informacion> https://4seemagazin.com/en/artist-profile-ornella-buglioni/

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