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MiGROW Final Conference

We invited several migrants and organizations to the final conference for MiGROW, our project on empowering migrants and refugees. We've had an amazing time working together and we were very happy to share that experience with everyone.

The best way we've found to support migrants and refugees is by giving them tools to support one another. Through this project, we managed to create a space where they can share experiences, learn from each other, and support one another. We also created a community of practice between all the partners. We designed the final conference to provide participants and organizations with some reflections on the journey and our future plans

We started off by sharing the project, the different elements which guaranteed its success, and some lessons learned for future projects.

We then had an interactive session with everyone where we reflected on the experience and asked some fun questions.

Later, we shared some appetizers and discussed future opportunities for follow-up.

You can download the full handbook about the project here:

Download PDF • 711KB

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