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Martina Pozzi is an Italian Architect and Collagist. He graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2011.

She worked as an architect for a couple of years in her country and then by chance and luck, she moved to Seville where she stayed living and working as an Interior Designer for 5 years.

This city completely captivated her, she fell in love with its people, the streets full of art, the patios with orange trees, the Spring Festivities, the flowers in her hair, the ruffles and polka dots of the Sevillian dresses.

In 2018 he moved to Barcelona.

Here she continues to work as an architect but, despite the great projects and the satisfaction in the works that she takes, every night, when she gets home, she feels something inside that stirs her, a frustration that does not make her feel full.

She realizes then, that she has an unresolved creative restlessness, which leaves her hungry and for this, she begins to

feed on Art.

He investigates the world of collages and decides to use this technique as a means of unleashing his creativity.

Looking around, observing, and being inspired by other contemporary artists, in January 2018 he began to produce her first manual collages.

This turns out to be the best way for her to vent and express herself.

Driven by a constant creative restlessness, she always dedicates more time to cutting and pasting “old style”, the only moment in which she truly feels fulfilled.

Collages as personal training, as mental relaxation: there are those who go running to let off steam, Martina cuts, and pastes to be happy.

Artistic Curriculum:

In Italy, he formed his artistic taste by attending the Baccalaureate of Fine Arts in Monza.

His life as a collagist is very recent and self-taught: he has only been making collages since January 2018 and asserting himself in this world.

She is a great observer, visits exhibitions and thanks to social networks she has come into contact with contemporary collagists from the other side of the pond, with whom she exchanges advice, observations and points of view.


- “Mirada Pilot” projects at the Center Civic Matas i Ramis, Barcelona. November 2019.

- “Monet & Brian Paterson illustrations” and “Lost girls” projects at ESPACE MONET ROLLINAT, Fresselines, France. September 2019.

- Project "The flower that I carry inside" at MOB Caterina, Barcelona. August-September 2019.

- Project "The flower that I carry inside" in the 24th edition of the STRIPART FESTIVAL of Guinardò, Barcelona. July 2019.

- Work "Love in your measure" exhibited at the art fair "MULAFEST 2018" in Madrid, with the group Mujeres que cut y pasga, under the slogan "Miradas en feminine". June 2018.

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