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Labor Market Integration of Migrants in Spain - Between Policy and Lived Reality - Policy Report

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

In light of the recent reforms to the migration laws in Catalonia/Spain, particularly regarding the access of students and migrants to the labor market, we want to publish a policy report that we have been working on for the past few months. This report comes at the perfect moment to show how much the mark was missed with these reforms.

Interestingly, the reforms are based on a report (Memoria) prepared by MINISTERIO

DE INCLUSIÓN, SEGURIDAD SOCIAL Y MIGRACIONES, which included accurate and up-to-date information. However, the reform mostly addresses the theoretical policy framework, rather than structural and on-ground barriers.

One redeeming factor was the focus on the bureaucratic delays from which all migrants suffer. Nevertheless, it has missed plenty of other issues that will stand in the way of migrants´ access to decent work and dignified life, such as discrimination by employers and lack of access to information. Not to mention, the long-term lack of participation channels in policy and decision-making.

The reforms adopt a highly capitalistic and exploitative point of view toward migration which is: HOW CAN WE USE MIGRANTS TO HELP OUR ECONOMY AND DIRECT THEM TO FILL THE JOBS WE CANNOT/WILL NOT FILL?

As dehumanizing as this sounds, we want to advocate and represent the lived realities resulting from said policies.

Kudwa’s policy report relates theoretical policies to real migrants' stories and was written and executed by migrants.

Download full report

Between policy and lived reality
Download PDF • 918KB


Mohamed A. Gad

Razan Ismail


Carla Boulos

Mohammad Badran

Funded by the Dutch Council for Refugees

Copyright: Asociación Kudwa, 2022


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