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Jean Paul Ramos ( JP)

Updated: Apr 12

JP is a young Peruvian artist who has lived in the city of Barcelona for 3 years.

he studied architecture as a profession and works with wood as a passion.

As a child, his favorite place was the carpentry at his grandfather's house, as he grew up he was influenced by his work, so both his grandfather and his paternal uncle are the main influence he has to work creating custom things with his own hands.

While pursuing his last years of career in architecture, JP decided to combine his profession with his passion, which are the design and construction of objects, furniture and spaces through wood as the main material.

Choose wood as the main material for projects to raise awareness and contribute to mitigating climate change, since wood is the only material whose use helps reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, which makes it the constructive alternative with the lowest carbon footprint.

His professional experience has fueled the option of designing and developing projects of all kinds, since his interest is directed to work investigating through experimentation and carrying out the process of materializing an idea. At the same time, it has been developing short, medium and long-term projects, such as the creation of handmade objects with recycled materials and collected from the garbage and the design and development of sustainable homes for people with low economic resources in Latin America, projects that are key to help to the most vulnerable population and to the conservation of our planet.

uniting people's desires through their ideas is the way to perceive and express their art and architecture in real projects!

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