Interculturality Training @ Apipacam - Coordinadora de Mentoría Social

The program addressed the issues facing a multicultural society. We deployed the various meanings of culture and explore the impact of prejudice and stereotype on our interactions with people from different backgrounds. We provided participants with tools and methodologies for intercultural communication, intercultural conflict resolution, and community building.

Problems we resolved:

  • Conscious and subconscious prejudices and prejudices

  • Cultural barriers

  • Intolerance and fear of what is different

  • Discrimination and its various types

  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings

We designed a program of different sessions dedicated to improving the interaction between mentors and mentees in the mentoring program of the Generalitat. We worked with each group first separately, then joined them in the last session in a series of activities where they can apply what they have learned to the sessions.

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