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Hidden Thread

Celebrating the Arabic language, the migratory journey and the diverse identity, through poetry, art and music

Supported by the European Institute of the Mediterranean IEMed and Red Española de Fundación de Anna Lindh. @Casa Elizalde

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The Kudwa Association, led by migrants, is building a collective intercultural identity, activating the Arab-speaking community in Barcelona/Spain.

We are Arabic-speaking migrants and refugees, diverse in terms of experiences, skills, backgrounds and cultures.

So, on that day, we propose an artistic cultural day designed by our community in Barcelona to celebrate our language and identity and to show how it is affected by our migratory journey.

As Arabic-speaking migrants, although we are very diverse and different, we find ourselves locked into a very limited stereotype that does not take into account our diversity or identity.

It is the Hidden Thread, the line of Arabic calligraphy, and the path of the migratory journey.

The Arabic language is the hidden thread, which connects us to each other as Arabs, just as it does to Spain.

Poetry is the thread that connects our history.

Music is the thread that stitches our wounds.

Welcome and Reception - 11h

We started with the presentation of ReFAL and the Kudwa Association.

The Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), based in Alexandria (Egypt), is a foundation created within the European Union with the aim of promoting cultural dialogue between the northern and southern Mediterranean.

The Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation is currently composed of more than 130 organizations spread throughout Spain.

Its fields of work are diverse, covering areas such as development cooperation, intercultural dialogue, gender equality, youth, education, immigration, the environment and the media.

Interactive Activity - 11:25

After the introductions, we participated in an interactive Arabic language and history activity.

Audio Visual Experience on Arab Diversity - 11:35

Al-Mas'udi, compared the task of telling the Arab story to that of "someone who has found a heron scattered with precious stones of all different types and colors, and then strangled them in order and made them into a precious necklace."

We tried to capture this idea, through a visual audio directed by our Fellow. Taym Allaham

Poetry accompanied by the lute -11:45

Presentation of poetry written by Arab migrants and refugees, who share their stories, wounds, and hope with us, accompanied by the lute.


Musica - Ayham Omran:

His passion for music started since his childhood, especially with the lute, and now he is dedicated to promote it, thus realizing his love for this instrument.

He enjoys teaching others how to play the lute and its wonderful possibilities, and he makes known his musical scales or MAQAMAT.

Nesrine Khoury

Methkal Khalawi

Abdallah Abulaban

Qays Wassouf

Concert Athrodeel - 12:30

We ended with a concert by group Athrodeel accompanied by Ayham Omran

They sang about home, the migratory journey and the hope of a new life.

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