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Updated: Nov 7, 2022



Exclusive program designed for motivated people.

A process of training and development of opportunities to work in the technology sector begins. More information about this program on Factoria F5

IT support and Security, as well as Coding, are highly requested skills in the job market for 2021. However, and due to the language barrier, very few migrants and refugees are encouraged to explore these opportunities.

Migrants and refugees often leave their home countries already educated. Unfortunately, they face several problems when trying to enter the job market:

  1. Regardless of their education level or field of study, their studies and certificates are rarely credited in the host country. This means that they often either have to start over on their reskilling or they have to find opportunities in fields they may have not been educated in, which, in turn, means less advantage

  2. Another problem is that migrants and refugees probably were educated in fields that match their home country´s needs and opportunities. Oftentimes these needs do not match those of the host country. Many migrants are not exposed to the skills needed in the host country's job market. If you have come from a socialist or a communist country, capitalistic skills, such as self-promotion would not be easy to acquire. Similarly, in non-digitalized countries, coding and programming are not highly popular.

Not to mention gender-based stereotypes and how they impact study, skill and job selection between women and men

All of these barriers, along with the language barrier, to which contributes the lack of Arabic language IT content, called for the necessity for this collaboration.

We aim to introduce the world of IT and programming to Arabic Speaking Migrant audience in an Arabic-friendly manner, so as to spark their curiosity and enthusiasm for the topic.

For all who are interested, we will provide them access to the INCO IT platform provide by Factoria F5 , as well as provide all the necessary support needed in English, Spanish or Arabic, with the Support of Factoria F5 and our IT & Coding manager: Methkal Khalawi

Stay Tuned for more details!


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