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BarcelonaCiutatDiversa - Kudwa Participation

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Kudwa Team participated in the Festival Barcelona Ciutat Diversa on Sunday 06/11/2022

Our participation took the form of a Stand, 1 hour in the auditorium, and an hour in the house of rights.

In our stand, we provided information about what Kudwa does and the different events and activities we organize. We also presented our project MILE, which is an EU-funded project aiming to support the political participation of Migrants and Refugees in municipalities.

In the auditorium, we presented the audiovisual experience created by Mousa Shammas and Laura Jabbour to reflect on the migrant's life and the intangible losses that we normally do not count.

You can watch the video here.

In the Caseta dels Drets, we presented our work on the Policy Report: Labor Market Integration of Migrants in Spain - Between Policy and Lived Reality which you can also find here.

We were joined by our volunteer team:

Soumeya Lerari, Mohammed Gad, Ayla Yassin, Rand Shahda, Taim Lahham

Some photos from the day

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